Stockton Histories and Genealogy


Welcome to The D.S. Tree Online!  Genealogy of the Stocktons of Virginia and related families.

The Genealogy Database has been updated to a new framework. There will likely be some fine tuning required in the next few days/weeks as I get to know the functionality.

Initially this site’s primary function will be to host the Stockton Genealogy database.  The database has the family lines as I presently understand them.  Hopefully it will be a place for you to find a family connection which you can then research and find out more.  Many thanks to many cousins, near and far, for contributions to the family tree branches listed here.

Please remember that a great deal of this information is not documented.

The database holds information on 14,000+ persons and over 5,000 families.  The database will be updated as new information is discovered.